Jonathan Lemkin’s Booth Top Rated at Fix Expo 2019

Jonathan Lemkin attended the LA Fit Expo in January of 2019, showcasing his products from his supplement company Unnaturals Labs.

The booth was voted the top booth of the entire event. It featured major influencers like Jon Skywalker, Jerdani Kraja, as well as sponsored athlete Wheysted Martini.

Having Trump and Hillary present was one of the main highlights of the event. The two brought many spectators, who laughed and took photos of the two. The booth was staged like a presidential setting, with podiums and flags throughout.

Visitors of the booth had the chance to try out Trenrage shots, an innovative idea from Mr. Lemkin himself. Trenrage is the latest pre-workout from Unnaturals Labs, and at the booth they were available in the form of shots from a syringe. Containing 6 grams of L-Citrulline, this was much stronger than anything the competition had to offer.

The Unnaturals Labs booth saw large success from its unique branding and patriotic theme, as well as the form of products that were present. Jonathan’s goal is to continue to offer the best experience for new and older customers.


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