Jonathan Lemkin Sponsors Mr. Hotwheels

“Excited af to announce that I’m officially a Unnaturals Labs athlete! Thank you guys for this huge opportunity you guys are giving me and thank you Jonathan Lemkin for being real since day one!”

When Javier Vazquez was 15, he was shot twice at Pat Hurley Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The bullets shattered his spine, leaving him paralyzed in his legs and lower body.

Despite this injury, Javier remained dedicated himself to living life as passionately as possible. He found a passion in bodybuilding, giving himself the name Mr. Hotwheels. He is now a PCA bodybuilder and has recently taken first place in his division.

It’s amazing to see the dedication of this individual and his perseverance in the face of life’s circumstances. Jonathan is happy to now have him as part of the Unnaturals Labs family.


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