Jonathan Lemkin gives back at Skid Row

“It’s best to keep your ego in your back pocket because you never know when you could get kicked off the throne.”

Jonathan Lemkin has always believed in giving back to the community when he achieved success for himself, and today he did just that at Skid Row in Los Angeles. Skid Row has over 2,000 citizens without shelter, and today Jonathan and his crew offered them food, water, and haircuts.

“Today we’re just giving back and bringing awareness to certain issues that affect us everyday such as mental illness and homelessness, and we’re just hear to uplift, so we’re giving out water, food, and haircuts, to people in need.” Jonathan had foregone the fitness expos this year instead to bring his supplement company to the streets of Los Angeles. “Not everybody is as lucky as you and I”, Jonathan states, “Some of us could end up here…I feel like your brain could attack you at any time. It could happen to a CEO, an actress, the average Joe, it could happen to anybody.”

One thing that had always bothered Jonathan since he moved to Los Angeles was the homeless condition. “Not everybody here is a drug addict, some people are just less fortunate”, he mentions. He lamented the fact that people could care more about animals while simultaneously stepping over homeless people they saw on the street.

The Unnaturals movement was created on the foundation of the truth, but Jonathan believes that one of its tenets is giving back to the community. Being Unnatural isn’t just going beyond natural barriers in your fitness and lifestyle, it’s having the capability to give back at unprecedented levels.

“We’re all climbing the ladder of success”, Jonathan says. “But this is about taking a detour and keeping it real.”


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