Jonathan Lemkin and the Unnatural Movement.

Jonathan Lemkin is the founder and CEO of Unnaturals Labs, which is a fitness and supplements company based in Delray Beach, FL. They carry high-quality supplements for both men and women, as well as self-branded fitness apparel.

Like any great success story, this level of achievement did not just happen overnight. Here is a glimpse into the world and the daily life of Jonathan Lemkin and the Unnatural Movement.

In this article, Jonathan shares his personal views on the current state of the fitness industry and what’s trending, his recommendations for preventing business mistakes and the Unnatural Movement.

About Jonathan Lemkin

Jonathan Lemkin is a former law enforcement officer and bodybuilding competitor. He has previously competed in the NPC and NPC Physique competitions for bodybuilding. He is an influencer, motivator, and dog lover. He was born in the Bronx, NY, and is passionate about spreading his message to the fitness industry. One of Jonathans proudest moments was receiving the certificate of merit from the state of New Jersey in 2010.

The Start of UnNATURALS Labs

Jonathan feels like he didn’t start the company; it started him. Fitness has always been Jonathan’s life and passion. He has been offering guidance, advice, and support to help people with their health and fitness goals throughout his career.

Overweight and insecure about his physique as a teenager. Jonathan started doing extensive research online, and through trial and error, he discovered what worked for him. His knowledge and the results he achieved inspired him to share his experience with the masses and create his fitness and supplement company.

Standing out from the competition.

Jonathan stands at 6 ft 5 inches and weighs in at 250 lbs., which makes him stand out regardless of whether he likes it or not. He feels strongly that most supplement companies are using the word natural to market their products in a very ‘Unnatural’ world. He believes they are not always honest about how they achieved their perfect physiques. Jonathan enjoys working with youths and educates them that they cannot attain certain types of physiques naturally. That’s why he calls himself the Unnatural. A lot of these picture-perfect physiques cannot be realistically achieved readily by merely working out and eating protein.

His view on the current state of the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

Jonathan feels as if there is no excitement in the bodybuilding industry anymore. “We lost legends like Rich Piana, who brought excitement. People don’t want to see normal anymore. They want to see abnormal freaks, they want entertainment, and this old school WWE excitement from when they went to these Fitness Expos. When Rich Piana died, that whole era went away”, says, Jonathan.

He feels dismayed that there are so many different movements now and for people to follow that it is almost blinding. He’s not saying that you should only follow his company but feels it’s very confusing for the average person to figure out how to get fit. They’re not going to know whether to go vegan or if they should be doing Keto or Paleo. Consumers who are just starting out going to the gym and working out don’t know what to do anymore. There are a lot of fake products out there. You don’t know if you are buying something legit or a bottle of Creatine with 99% sugar.

Jonathan’s advice on pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when starting a new company.

Having a good team is more important than anything. You can’t do everything by yourself says, Jonathan. He recommends overseeing projects and daily operations, but also be willing to take advice from people and don’t shut anyone out. Jonathan feels that everyone struggles with this. Considering the world can be a cold place, and nobody understands your struggles. You can think that you’re trying so hard, and nobody cares. Stay connected to your team and people that care about you. Don’t ever lose touch with anyone. Make everyone feel important.

Jonathan Lemkin UnNATURALS LABS

Jonathan adds the Unnatural Movement is about the truth. If your back is against the wall, are you willing to risk it all? The term Unnatural might be a joke, and people might laugh or smile when they hear and see the logo. But many celebrities are deciding on the individual lifestyles they’re choosing. It’s more about truth and freedom of choice. My life and my insecurities have brought me to this point where my back was against the wall. If I hadn’t achieved my goals and achieved them quickly, it would have affected the outcome of my life. Muscle means money to some people. It’s not only for vanity purposes. Look at the actors in the movies or sports personalities who promote fitness products, says Jonathan. Believe it or not, most of your favorite heroes are not natural. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that perfect physique and that clout.

Along with his busy business life, Jonathan helps to feed the homeless in Los Angeles and donates to the police and veterans. He is helping raise awareness for people with mental health issues and recently helped out people with mental health issues on Skid Row, Los Angeles by feeding them and giving them haircuts.

In closing, Jonathan says that his company The Unnaturals; has shaped him. The brand is not about him; it is about the movement, and what he believes people want. He has sacrificed a lot in his life, from relationships to everything else to make sure that his customers are satisfied

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